Catholics Come Home Prayer

Catholics Come Home

Take another look and COME HOME
If you have left the Church
Or felt the Church left you
Or you just slipped away
Or have questions and
Just don't understand
Or say you you're Catholic but rarely
go to church and don't feel connected
Or you want to find God and to follow Jesus and you know that
You can't do it on your own...
In the Catholic Church You Will Find or Re-discover...
Jesus' victory over sin and death
And our freedom from fear
God's gift of forgiveness
Hope in this confusing world
Values that give real direction and purpose in life
The Bible as God's word speaking to us today
Sacraments—where we meet Christ the lord, where the lord meets us
The Church as a visible and organized community of faith

Prayer for Guidance:God of abundant life and mercy, be with me.
Help me to find you in your church,
Which is the body of Christ, your Son,
Who is Lord forever and ever.

10205 S. Martin Luther King Dr., Chicago, IL 60628